Have you thought about releasing equity (cash)  from your property?

Have you thought about releasing equity (cash) from your property?

Your property may have increased in value without you realising- have you considered that you could release this uplift in value as cash? What would you do with the extra money?

  • Invest it as a deposit on another property as a buy to let investment?
  • Make improvements to your current property to increase the value further?
  • Do that extension or outbuilding conversion you pondered during lockdown as you could really use the extra space?
  • Might that dream house you saw & thought was out of reach now be affordable as yours has increased in value?
  • Or just do something else you always dreamed of doing? 

Our experienced teams have worked with customers who have ended up choosing one of these options- either way, the first step for them to making a change was to talk to us.

Please click here and we will contact you shortly to discuss your options....

As summer draws closer, it’s important to shift our focus onto our kerb appeal instead of just the interior of our homes. The good thing is, you can do all of this on a budget and whenever you’re ready to sell your property.

CASE STUDY: We have a successful relaunch programme for re-introducing properties to the market that have already been on the market with another agent without generating the response the seller would expect. As with the case study below, there are a number of ways our different approach to marketing could make all the difference....